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Nuru Massage Uses Special Gel For Its Body to Body Contact Therapy

nuru massage guide in London

A sensual massage, derivative from Japan, is the latest type to promote numerous health benefits. It’s called the Nuru massage and its popularity has spread to the United Kingdom.  For sensual massage lovers, it’s a must to try, and it’s a great way for people who want to try sensual massage therapy.

Nuru Massage: What Is It?

Nuru means slippery, which is the most precise name for the kind of massage it is. The recipient is covered in special gel, after which the masseuse carries out a number of calming, sensual massage techniques along with a body to body massage.

What makes the London Nuru massage different from other types of body to body massage therapies is that it uses a special type of gel as its massage lubricant rather than oil. Although Nuru means slippery in the English langauge, many would argue that it actually comes from the word Nori meaning seaweed. Seaweed is an ingredient in the Nuru gel.

Regardless of where it comes from, there are a number of health benefits it offers. Nuru gel is colorless, odorless and tasteless, but is extremely cooling and comforting with placed on the body. It’s a special herbal treatment helps with body detoxification, increasing blood flow, relaxes the skin and cleanses the body. All of it ensuring the recipient gets the full benefits of the Nuru massage, as the masseuse can provide a bodily experience.

How Does The London Nuru Massage Work?

The massage all starts with you getting into a Jacuzzi or shower at the massage parlor. The process will prepare the body for its soon-to-be exhilarating experience, ensuring the muscle are warmed up and ready to be massaged.

Once the massage begin, you’ll lie on a comfortable massage bed. The masseuse then applies the gel, first on your back. With a mixture of conventional massage techniques along with very erotic touches to tease and please the body. It’ll place your body into a state of relaxation using her hands.

Next, the masseuse will cover herself in Nuru gel and slide all over your body with her naked body. This will stimulate the erogenous zones and further massage the muscles. The gel helps increase the level of eroticism that lets people experience the kind of pleasure never before felt. The masseuse will stimulate your back and then your front.

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