What Is The Nuru Massage

The Nuru Massage has been around for centuries, and is regarded as one of the more relaxing, intimate experiences a person can have. The goal behind this kind of massage is to increase one’s pleasure and burning desire for a particularly intense, gratifying climax – to ensure it’s highly enjoyable.

Nuru is the Japanese word for slippery, and Nuru massage is an ancient ritual in Japan that means “slide massage”. In order to experience the Nuru Massage, you just need wet skin and the Nuru massage gel.  There’s no reason to have an expert masseuse to experience the stimulating vibrations that comes from a body-on-body massage that results from the all-natural safe, non-smelly and slick gel. Whether you decide to let a masseuse use the gel on you or use it with your partner, both parties are naked to get that ultra-erogenous, super-close experience.

How The Nuru Massage Gel Can Heighten Your Sexual Nuru Massage Experience

There is nothing in this world that is more intimate than a skin-on-skin, body-on-body sumptuous massage – done to explore your partner as you massage them.  The sensations produced make the heart race and the blood pump to the areas that are most sensitive. And, because of the produced sensations, they generate the perfect conditions to heighten one’s satisfaction and pleasure.

The Nuru Massage Gel now ensures these conditions can be created much more easily and is just as fun as before.  What is the Nuru Massage Gel? It’s a highly-quality gel, created in Britain and loaded with natural ingredients like vitamin C and seaweed – that helps to soothe and rejuvenate the skin  – to leads to extremely intense sensory pleasure.

The gel doesn’t cause stains and is free of fragrances that allow you to use it as freely as you’d like. You can slowly massage the gel into the skin, becoming known as the Nuru Massage. As the gel begins to work, each touch increases the body’s sensitivity and brings it to a higher state of arousal.

Both parties can use the gel, which is both safe and effective on each of their bodies, allowing for the slippery, wet feeling that results in a highly pleasurable, tremendously satiating and continued climax. If you’d prefer a warm sensation, just take a hot shower or bath together and add some warm water to the gel.

And, the Nuru massage gel, when used with a massage candle, can produce the right setting and mood to ensure pure delight – one that will lead to them to go deep into self-discovery and have powerful, enraptured experiences.

Perhaps the Nuru Massage Gel should have a warning on its label – may result in multiple intense orgasms.