Independent English masseuse

Hello there, I’m so glad you could stop by! I’m Kendall, a sexy 22years old London based 100% independent English masseuse.

Erogenous Exploration

What happens during the Erogenous Exploration massage? After a lovely fresh shower together you lay down comfortably on the bed, after which I begin the massage with my soft hands. The warm oil flows over your skin and is skilfully massaged in. Gradually, you notice due to the peaceful way of massaging that you feel more relaxed.

An important aspect of the Erogenous Exploration massage is the fact that the orgasm is delayed during this session by means of the special Lingam massage techniques. First, your back is nicely massaged in a relaxing way during a relaxation massage whereby your neck, shoulders, arms and legs get the attention they deserve. Caressingly massaging your buttocks with my soft hands, I will begin massaging the testicles. During the massage you turn on your back and with my exciting Body to Body massage I will inexorably work towards an erotic climax, which will be decreased afterwards in a highly professional way. I will slowly massage you in a highly loving way with my breasts and buttocks and I will utilise the lingam massage. The emphasis of this massage is on delaying the climax. The so-called lingam massage consists of several different massage techniques applied to your penis, scrotum, and testicles. These techniques will slowly but surely help you reach a climax. However, these climaxes will be decreased several times so you climax from your erogenous zones more intensely and all hidden zones will be stimulated more intensely.

Towards the end of this magical Erogenous Exploration massage, you will finally experience a very deep and intense climax (my Happy Ending technique is simply mindblowing!) and you may ejaculate. The erotic massage finishes with a caring and loving shower.

Mutually Beneficial Massage

The Mutually Beneficial Massage has been created to excite, please and seduce you. It is the only massage where you can ruly interact with my body, learning where, when and how to stroke a woman’s body. Sensuality, looks and fondling are the secret of the game… Do you want to play? 🙂

I start the massage by embracing you from behind, massage you all over with my sexy body, breathing in your ear, my breasts stroking your back. Afterwards there will be a face-to-face body-to-body and mutual stroking with the hands over each other’s body. This finishes with an amazing Happy Ending.

You can expect an intensely satisfying and deeply relaxing experience. You’ll find it easy to relax in my company, I’m not intimidating. I love to please and am eager to show you a great time 🙂

Techniques here are much more elaborated and sensual too, for what you will experience an incredible link of pleasure with me. Two bodies together into one same feeling, two souls traveling together to the heaven of Tantra.


Tantric Bliss
1hour: £100
1.5hours: £140
2hours: £180

Erogenous Exploration
1hour: £120
1.5hours: £160
2hours: £200

Mutually Beneficial Massage
1hour: £140
1.5hours: £180
2hours: £220

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