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Sloane square- Victoria Massage

I am Yvonne, the masseuse with a passion for the sensual arts and a very open minded therapist.

In Sanskrit, Tantra means to warp, weave and stretch.
In later Hindu & Buddhist scriptures, Tantra means dealing with techniques and various rituals, including meditation.

One of the greatest gifts that Tantra holds is the experience of feeling yourself SO deeply, that you can completely let go of all day-to-day troubles, stresses and disturbing thoughts.

With me as your Goddess and guru, you will discover a space…a sacred space and PRIVATE space where you can learn, touch, draw and receive pleasure and ecstasy from your body as the soul shows its true wonder.

In Tantra, Goddesses enhance this inner state letting your heart, head, body and physical being, surrender in a way in which pure tenderness opens up into this amazing journey.

Tantra in general, teaches ways to open up to more love and love MORE, become more relaxed and also how to receive without feeling the the guilt of trying to give…it teaches patience and acceptance

What’s included in The body to body tantric massage?
– full body massage
– unrushed massage
– mutual massage
– prostate massage
– soapy shower

Enter an intimate world…
Where each moment is carefully crafted to benefit your well-being and peace of mind. Where a new level of gracious service ensures your privacy and tranquility.

Giving or receiving a massage is a profoundly sensual experience, you are allowing a experienced masseuse to touch, stroke and massage you in ways that you wouldn’t ordinarily experience. A sensual massage allows you to experience that sensual touch without fear, just pleasure and enjoyment.

Every part of your body will at some point be touched during the massage (unless you request areas be avoided), using a luxurious aromatherapy massage. My hands will glide over and caress your body… starting on the back of the body with the feet and moving upwards, you will then be asked to turn over where we start with the neck and shoulders and work down the front of the body, including arms, hands and feet.
At the same time my massage is a very ecstatic and pleasurable experience due to my different massage techniques with particular emphasis on the erogenous zones – including buttocks, inner thigh, nipples, groin, perineum, genitals and anywhere else you like.
The massage of the lingam (sanskrit for penis, loosely translated as “wand of light”) including the penis, testicles, perineum and sacred spot (prostate) allows you to surrender to a form of pleasure you may not be used to. This isn’t a “rub and tug” massage, the lingham massage is a very powerful, sacred element of the treatment – by this time I hope you are relaxed and at ease, ready to explore and enjoy the pleasure of such intimate touch …

The massage is performed on a soft leather massage table in a candle lit ambient with soft music specially selected by me, to guide us through the Tantric world.
For you to get the most from a Tantric massage experience you can upgrade it by having a Tantric Bath ritual ( foamy bath with herbs and essential oils, and me inside bathing you) to relax you fully before having my naked body rub on yours.


1h 150£

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