8 Steps To Get The Most Out Of The Nuru Massage

If you’re interested in the Nuru Massage, there are eight step-by-step instructions you need to follow to make sure you do get the entire benefit of the Nuru massage. And, when you go through it, make sure you’re prepared for the most intense orgasms you have ever felt in your entire life.

1 – Preparation

The very first step of the whole experience is to prep the area. The best place to do the Nuru massage is an inflatable massage for three reasons:

• It doesn’t allow the gel to absorb into the mattress
• It ensures the experience stays interesting for a longer period of time
• It ensures it stays slippery

If you don’t have an inflatable mattress, you can use a PVC/PU High Gloss sheet. While it’s a non-staining gel, you don’t need to be concerned that your sheets and towels are going to be ruined. However, ordinary bed sheets are highly absorbent so it’s best to use rubber or PVC to full enjoy the gel and experience. Keep a couple of towels nearby as well.

2 – Create The Mood

There are several ways in which you can spark the massage mood:

• Light scented candles
• Turn down the lights
• Illuminate the massage area
• Soft music
• Record it

Whatever will put you in the mood for the massage, go ahead and do it. If you’re a professional masseuse, you can set the room up while your client is in the shower.

3 – Place Gel In Hot Water

The Nuru Massage works quite well when the gel is warm, allowing the muscles to relax and stay flexible. Therefore, while you take a warm bath, have the gel sitting in a bowl or sink of hot water. This will heat the gel up. Since the Nuru massage inspires people to try various positions – ones never done before – it’s important you are flexible and relaxed.

4 – Showering Together, Exploring One Another

To ensure the right mood is set, take a shower or bath together – allow yourselves to spend time exploring the other’s body while the warm water soaks into your skin. This helps to completely relax the body and be aroused. It’s important that your skin is wet and lithe to completely appreciate the carnal pleasure the gel will cause. While it’s tempting to dry off after the shower/bath, don’t! The warm, wet skin increases the gel’s effectiveness.

5 – Preparing The Gel

The Nuru gel should, by now, should be warm. Therefore, you need to pour it into a wooden bowl and mix a minute of warm water with it until you get the consistency you want. If you put too much water in it, it’ll make it runny. Therefore, a little bit at a time is best. Mix the gel with your hands because you’ll get a better idea the consistency of it. You want the gel to be gloopy, not watery.

6 – Massaging Your Partner

Now that you’ve had your shower, it’s time to go to the not too cold or hot room to begin the massage. You want things to get steamy so be sure the room temperature is just right. Your partner should lie on their back, while you massage their body – as much or as little as you want. Pour the gel onto their back and, beginning at the top and using deep, stroking movements, work your way down their body. You can use whatever part of your body to rub in the gel.

7 – Changing Positions For Your Turn

After you’ve gotten your partner warm, wet and slippery, change positions and it’s time for you to get a massage. Have them use their body to work the gel into your body, beginning at the top and working their way down. This is gives you both the appreciation for the “slide massage”.

8 – Exploring Each Other’s Bodies

With both of your completely covered in the gel, you can now slip and slide over one another, exploring each other’s bodies in all kinds of exciting ways. Let your imagination go wild, teasing and pleasure one another. And, for whatever reason, you’re not slippery enough, apply the gel for a lubricant to give it a more climatic experience. Allow yourself to get the full experience and go wild with it.

The Nuru gel isn’t like other gels, as it can easily wash off and won’t leave any residue or stains. All you get are the memories associated with the fun times. After you’ve experienced the Nuru gel just one time, you’ll want to experience it over and over. The Nuru massage is regarded as one of the most popular types of sexual massages. One try and you’re hooked!